Stimme iranischer Frauen (Schweiz)

An association based in Switzerland to amplify the voice of the brave Iranian protestors specially women fighting for their rights.

Woman Life Freedom

This slogan encapsulates the entire message of the current revolution in Iran led by women against gender apartheid and religious theocracy. As the regime in Iran attempts to silence the protestors by imposing heavy censorship of internet and social media, we intend to be the voice of the brave Iranians demanding their basic human rights.

Upcoming Events:

Brussels 20.02.2023

To support the resolution passed by the EU parliament against the regime in Iran and to force the EU Foreign Affairs Council to take the resolution over and list IRGC as a terrorist organization, there will be a rally in Brussels on 20.02.2023 at the same time as the council's next session there. Save the date! Details will be announced soon.